Dylan and I were at the Martinez yesterday just before the first carpet at Cannes to cover a women in film panel discussion by the New York Times. When we arrived, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson had just come down, ready to head to the carpet. Her dress is actually better in person. It doesn't look so wet and clingy. The two of them together though, it's a really, really pretty picture. He's so handsome. And he was so cute in his patent trainers. And he's always just so not about himself too, with an easy, friendly way in any environment.

So we went into our shoot, and we stayed for 45 minutes or so, and when we were leaving, just after 7:30pm walking through the lobby, Diane and Josh, they were just coming back. Which means they literally just headed down to the Palais, posed, and then turned around, didn't bother with the film (Sleeping Beauty). Most of them do the same. And that's Cannes.

Photos from Wenn.com and KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com