Here’s Diane Kruger on the cover and in the pages of the upcoming issue of FLARE Magazine in advance of the release of The Host. Really, really love the styling of this spread. Like ...vintage-y, right? And well done on the art direction too with the combination of pink and her red dress. It’s Bottega Veneta, which we previously saw on Rachel Weisz here.

Diane was not accompanied by Joshua Jackson to the shoot. She did however bring her cat. No, that’s not a prop. His (her?) name is Hobbes (sp?). 

I’ve not read The Host, but going by the trailer, Diane, in a pristine, efficient white suit, appears to be the villain going head-to-head against Saoirse Ronan. No doubt, given author Stephenie Meyer’s following, Diane will be seen in The Host by many, many, many more people than Farewell, My Queen. Which is too bad. Because she was f-cking incredible in Farewell, My Queen -- equal parts cunning, desperate, and straight up crazy. And the costume porn is awesome. Most definitely the finest performance of her career. I love it when she speaks French. Apparently she worked on a Kentucky accent for her next role as Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother...? The film is called The Green Blade Rises, produced by Terrence Malick. Does he take as long with movies when he only produces and doesn’t direct?

The Host trailer is below. And click here for behind-the-scenes video of Diane from the FLARE shoot.