Diane Kruger is a Karl Lagerfeld favourite. And she’s practically half French. So it was a surprise when she went missing from the front row at Chanel and so many other shows during Fashion Week in Paris.

The reason: she’s been in Toronto with Joshua Jackson while he shoots his new tv show Fringe. Pacey’s comin’ back to TV!

Over the last few days, Joshua and Diane have been lovin’ it up all over town – at Hamman Spa (according to my cousin Cat has one of the best steam rooms ever) for a two hour visit and also dinner at the Drake where, even after over a year of togetherness, it appeared as though they were still in that first phase of love excitement, completely oblivious to a burlesque show going on around them.

Diane has wicked taste in men. And she can afford to too. Look at her. Lucky bitch.

File photo attached from Splashnewsonline.com