Diane Kruger has been busy promoting Inglourious Basterds in New York, at the screening the other night and also on Letterman Tuesday. Loved every outfit.

Joshua Jackson came up. She called him her “other half” and said they love going on road trips because he’s all about camping. Recently drove across Australia together and slept in a car. He was happy, she was miserable. And she showed a photo too. Of Josh pointing at a giant shrimp looking thrilled. SO cute!

Diane has been travelling all over for Basterds while Joshua has been shooting Fringe in Vancouver but she had a free weekend this past and flew in quickly to visit him. They were spotted in Kitsilano on Saturday, strolling around happily hand in hand, enjoying Kits Days undisturbed. Am told after three years he’s still totally sweet on her, that he books appointments for her when she’s in town, makes sure she’s taken care of when he’s at work, and she said his friends have all been showing her around, making her feel comfortable.

Joshua Jackson > Ryan Reynolds.

Most Canadian actors > Ryan Reynolds.

Except Mike Myers. No one is as dicky as Mike Myers.

Photos from Wenn.com