He flew way under the radar this awards season in a category dominated by Heath Ledger. Best part about Josh Brolin however is that he didn’t seem to mind. They were chill last night he and Diane. Very relaxed, enjoying the moment, knowing there was no chance, totally free to celebrate with their friends.

A “pool feed” consists of the main camera shots provided by the Oscars of the red carpet arrivals. Most network cameras are already devoted to their own shows so the event provides its own angles that the rest of us latch onto as a secondary source. We cut in and out of the pool feed according to our own broadcast content, same goes for everyone else, which means that most people at home might miss many live candid moments from the arrivals.

Television crews however can watch the pool feed uninterrupted which is what we’re doing while we’re shooting our show.

I’m telling you this because when Diane and Josh arrived, they could not have been more in tune with each other, in love with each other, and supportive of each other, and this was played out on the pool feed for several minutes. They are as authentic as a couple can be in Hollywood…unlike SJP and Matthew Broderick. Totally the opposite body language. More on that later.

The point is – Diane is gorgeous, she is effortless, her husband is a sexy beast, she knows it, appreciates it, and he does the same.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Wenn.com

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