Not Kruger and Jackson, no. Lane and Brolin. US Weekly has confirmed that they're done. Another source tells the magazine it's "amicable and not ugly". Well, would they say otherwise?

This comes just a few weeks after Brolin was arrested for being drunk and disorderly on New Year's Eve. I interviewed him for Gangster Squad about 2 hrs after that story broke. He seemed like he'd had a good one the night before. Half our interview was about Ryan Goslings balls -- he described them like "a vineyard" and no, I didn't take the conversation there. He did.

Brolin was also alleged to have cheated on Lane a couple of years ago on location in New Orleans -- click here for a refresher. There were pictures. It certainly looked incriminating. And still, they made it through. The word on those two though, at least the way I've always heard it, is that it wasn't the infidelity that bothered her, given that it's not unusual to have certain arrangements in this business, so much as the constant carousing.

They were both wild for a while. I've seen them together at parties and it's not like she behaved like Jennifer Garner. No, she was as into the night life as he was. Then. And the drama too. Then. After so many years of it though, she may have decided that she was no longer interested in sharing her home with an overgrown frat boy anymore.