How did they both end up in red? They can try to convince me until they’re red in the face that they did it “on purpose” but there is no way I’d believe it. I would however totally buy it if you tell me in two weeks that they’ll have a throwdown about it at work.

Who won the red match?

I don’t love red dresses ever, but for this battle, I’m taking Agron’s Michael Kors. It’s a nicer cut, I’m partial to a great Wonder Woman cuff, and, though boring as f-ck, if we can’t have excitement and drama, at least there’s some polish here which, sadly for Lea, is what’s lacking from her Escada. Maybe it’s my own personal bias. I hate taffeta. I think it’s budget, I think it’s tacky, I think it’s amateur, and I think it’s OLD. As in someone probably wore this dress to the Emmys in 1996.

Game Agron.

Photos from Larry Busacca/Stephen Lovekin/