Hate this story and desperately want it to be untrue. But it rings too true.

Last week Page Six reported that Glee’s Dianna Agron had fired her manager, her lawyer, and her longtime agent who’d been with her for years. Just like that she cut her off. Apparently she’s been unhappy with her career.


She’s on a hit show. She’s in an upcoming Spielberg/Michael Bay backed production I Am Number Four that will likely spin off into several more. But someone wants to be Reese Witherspoon. Right now. And her boyfriend is trying to make this happen for her?

Word is she’s replaced her old team with Alex Pettyfer’s team. Agent and lawyer. And according to Page Six you can’t get to her unless you go through him first. Gross right?

While rumour is always rumour and the gossip buffet is your choice, I’d be less inclined to believe the story if she hadn’t signed on with HIS people. If she was able to keep it separate. The fact that they’re now both being repped by the same crew however...it doesn’t look good.

Their excuse of course will be that they have a franchise on the way. I Am Number Four will be released February 18th. The full length trailer debuted last week, attached below. As I noted in my review of the book – click here to read it – I’ve always thought that the movie would be better than the source. Because it was always intended to be one. And that suspicion I had at the time, that James Frey was just f-cking around, that it was like he was mocking a “formula”, that would appear to be the case if you believe these two articles here and here. Clever satirist or shady opportunist?

As for Agron, there was a bout of tonsillitis that swept through the Glee cast last week and production had to be halted. She was spotted yesterday at the Grove however with Pettyfer so it looks as though she’s feeling better and should be able to resume work today.



Photos from Wenn.com