It’s official.

And I didn’t think it was possible either. For someone on the Glee cast to be MORE annoying than Lea Michele. But it’s actually happened. It’s Dianna Agron. Because while Lea Michele is a lot of things, what she isn’t is DULL. In our business, the business of gossip, not Dull is good.

Some people can’t help Dull. It’s just…you can’t manufacture a personality, I get that. The problem with Agron is that she is ACTIVELY Dull. She specialises in standing for nothing, saying nothing, wanting nothing. It reminds me of the conversations I have with Duana who, as a screenwriter, is so good at breaking down characters, why they work, and why they don’t. One of the things I’ve learned from Duana is that a lot of the time, when a character isn’t working, it’s because they don’t WANT anything. This is what, for example, if we can use Gossip Girl (hilariously) as a teacher, makes Blair Waldorf infinitely more interesting than Serena van der Woodsen: the fact that Blair is constantly wanting while Serena stands around and wants nothing. That’s also true of Dianna Agron.

We saw our first glimpse of it after the GQ controversy. Agron, Michele, and Cory Monteith posed provocatively for the magazine. Parents were mad. The MiniVan was all offended. Dianna took to her blog to apologise…kinda…but not really, in a way, but a little bit, but also a little bit defended herself, but also she’s sorry, and feels bad…but she’s not sure if she does…

I’m not sure either. You read it – here - and try to make sense of it. See? There is no sense. Because – to borrow from Duana again – this is what happens when you try to be all things to all people; you end up being nothing to everyone.

Same thing happened yesterday. posted that they heard from a source that Dianna and her boyfriend Alex Pettyfer are engaged. They’re currently both promoting the upcoming I Am Number Four. Us Weekly is also reporting the same, also from a source. Dianna is 24. Alex is 20. I know. You totally stopped caring last paragraph.

And Dianna’s response? Once again with her goddamn blog. Her personal life is in the spotlight. So she wanted to write about not writing about her personal life and not really engaging in discussion about her personal life while making sure to log a post about not engaging in a discussion about her personal life… What?





And next time you try to front like you’re above the game, remember where you work: on a show where your false eyelashes dominate all of your scenes; a show where people sing and dance to make people forget there’s no writing; on a movie based on a book written by a punk as a f-ck you that was always intended to be a movie. Then I’ll try to keep a straight face while you talk to me about “travelling the world in each new character”. What does that even mean?

Attached – Agron at the SAG Awards on Sunday. And Alex Pettyfer in Miami yesterday on a break from the press tour with a publicist type.

Photos from and INF