Alex Pettyfer isn’t even really famous and already…

Story after story – wanky behavior, temper tantrums, love complications, and now… is Alex Pettyfer That Ex-Boyfriend?

Dude is all about the drama.

So we know that he walks with a big dick, thinks he’s the next Brad Pitt. Click here for a refresher. Demanding and arrogant, Pettyfer was supposedly difficult on the set of I Am Number Four, thinks he deserves Taylor Lautner-style paycheques before even contributing to a box office winner.

Then Dianna Agron, his girlfriend, fired her management and signed with his. I had already expressed concern about his control over her when that story broke – click here for details.

And now it’s over.

First came word that the two had broken up. Not long afterwards, a report was leaked via TMZ that Agron was insecure and jealous and ended it with Pettyfer over this photoshoot, which happened months ago, that had him making out with models – click here to see. This account appeared to be supported by the women in the pictures, one of whom is Lydia Hearst (who is dating Jeff Goldblum) and she pretty much told TMZ that Agron should just “get over it”.

Needless to say, not happy about being pictured as the simpering girlfriend who won’t let her boyfriend talk to other girls, Agron is now working her version of the truth through Us Weekly. The magazine is now reporting that Agron has moved out of the home she and Pettyfer shared and is living under an alias at a hotel because she’s afraid of him. Apparently he lost his sh-t when she left him and is now behaving like a “psycho loose cannon” and threatened her over the phone. His rep denies this.

Pettyfer also supposedly got into a scrap with Sebastian Stan (the actor who used to date Leighton Meester) at a club the other night because he thought Stan was dealing with Agron behind his back…


Is she That Girl? Or is he That Guy?

No doubt, she’s kind of a weak ass but in combination with the inflated ego, the control over her career, and his youth – let’s not forget he’s just 20 – I’m inclined to believe that Pettyfer needs to chill the f-ck out. It’s too soon, it’s too much, and, really, it’s actually not even that much.

His film came in 2nd on its opening weekend at the box office, third if you count Monday. It’s not a total bust considering this is a brand new franchise with a book audience that was never given time to gestate, but it’s not the slam dunk he was hoping for, surely not. And now with this kind of a reputation floating around, suddenly we’ve gone from “promising” to “a gamble”. I saw I Am Number Four, thought it was hilarious, and Pettyfer, with terrible dialogue and not much to work with, certainly has some charisma. Without any wins to back that up however, in this game, it might not be enough to overcome the image problems that have suddenly dominated his resumé.

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