Blair Waldorf is the star on Gossip Girl. Period. But Leighton Meester is not the marquee star of Gossip Girl. Even though she’s the better actor, even though she plays the superior character, even though she gets the best lines, Leighton is undeniably and criminally the Andrew Ridgeley to Blake Lively’s George Michael.

Is it the blonde and the breasts? No. It’s the legs too. And some other sh-t that, for the purposes of this article, are entirely irrelevant.

Similarly Lea Michele is the undisputed lead in Glee. Also a brunette. Am curious to see however whether or not the pretty, honey sweet blonde Dianna Agron will go the way of the Blake and dominate the spotlight. So far she’s going the way of the Overdresser Kate Beckinsale.

This is Dianna, who is BEAUTIFUL, last night at an Audi party in honour of Golden Globe nominee Anna Paquin. Most people showed up in low key cocktail. Anna herself wore a subdued black dress, readying the drama for Sunday night. Diana however arrived at the party in a bustier and feathers. It’s an adorable dress, sure, but maybe not the right occasion? Also, her hair looks like it needs two bows on either side like a 5 year old at a birthday party. It’s a little overkill. Am now worried about what she’ll be wearing at the Globes. Glee is nominated for Best TV Comedy/Musical up against 30 Rock, Entourage, Modern Family, and The Office along with nods for Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, and Matthew Morrison.

Glee has also officially been renewed for a 2nd season – jumpy claps!

Glee will not be airing the remainder of season 1 until April – f-ck you Fox!

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