Dianna Agron was spotted on the set of Glee last night and glowing in the presence of a new boy who looks like Alex Pettyfer, one time one night flirt on Emma Watson’s romantic resumé and also Dianna’s co-star in I Am Number Four. Alex plays Number Four, John Smith. Dianna, obviously, plays Sarah. In the story they are consumed by their teen love, nauseatingly so. My review of the novel is here.

Screen to real life?

It looks like him and I *think* it’s him but I still can’t decide if it is actually him.

Whatever, the dude is hot, and she’s hot, and they’re cute and young and blonde and clearly happy, and while we’re on the subject of Alex Pettyfer, Beastly was supposed to be released this summer but has now been pushed back to next March, just a month after I Am Number Four, to avoid clashing with Charlie St Cloud which ended up not being an issue anyway.

is about high school and being pretty and not pretty and bitch schemes and happily ever afters. Please. I’m all over it.

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