Yeah, so the dress didn’t look good, fundamentally.  It looked intricate, and it’s a great colour on many, but the cut-outs didn’t sit flush against her skin, exactly, which is a problem – and I didn’t love the endless tiers in the skirt either.

But this is not her greatest sin.

You want to know what is?  She chose that dress – and sure, I can see how she thought it would have a lot of impact.  But she let the dress be her personality for her, and that’s what I can never forgive.  Does Agron have a personality at all?  Is she anything at all?  Sure, Lea Michele is all the things you think she is – she wears her personality on her sleeve.  But Dianna Agron is NOTHING and that’s worse.   

Do you know what her laugh sounds like?  You do not!  Do you know what she cares about, other than puppies, because of course a girl like this loves puppies?

This is what they mean when they say ‘the dress wears you’.  It’s red and intricate.  It’s not a substitute for a personality.  Say something interesting…please.

(If we allow you to keep coming at all, which – why?)