Marie de Villepin is a French model/actress. Very striking. Like Taysa van Ree. Who? Taysa van Ree is Amber Heard’s ex/on/off girlfriend. And here are Amber Heard and Marie de Villepin (she appears to prefer her women with strong bone structure and 3 names) arriving in Paris together. They’ve been together a lot. And people are rumouring that they’re like TOGETHER. And if they are together, it would mean that she’s not with Johnny Depp. Or that Johnny Depp has to share. Johnny’s a serial monogamist. Not sure if sharing would be his jam. And the way he looks now, Marie de Villepin is way hotter anyway. Did Amber Heard punk off Johnny Depp?

Maybe they’re just two girls, two friends, on a trip...?


That doesn’t explain why Amber’s looking so reluctant. She’s not usually so reluctant when she’s papped. I mean she’s no LeAnn Rimes but she doesn’t normally go around looking for an escape route either.