Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run stopped in Ohio on Saturday. During a performance of her song Resentment, which is about being cheated on, Beyonce, while wearing a wedding dress, changed a lyric in the song that many believe is a sign that the Carters are cracking, and that Jay stepped out on her, and that she’s publicly calling him out for it.

The original line goes like this:

I know she was attractive but I was here first
Been ridin' with you for six years why did I deserve
To be treated this way by you

Resentment came out in 2006. At the time, B and J had been together 4 years. On Saturday night, she swapped out “six years” to “twelve years”.

B and J have been together 12 years.

And here we go…

As you know, ever since Solange tried to drop-kick Jay in an elevator in May, there have been all kinds of rumours about the status of the Carters and whether or not they would make it. Some believe they’re only sticking it through for the duration of the tour. Others believe that Beyonce won’t walk away from the Brand. Victoria Beckham didn’t walk from the Brand. But are the Carters a brand like the Beckhams? Or… is Beyonce a brand unto herself?

It depends on whether or not Beyonce is willing to publicly acknowledge that something in her life didn’t go as planned. Whether or not she can admit that it isn’t actually Flawless. Like GOOP. Jesus, GOOP might be her inspiration.

But, hold up.

Two days after she was up on stage, seemingly revealing her heartache, she and Jay and the BIC were in the Hamptons, seemingly quite happy. I’m not sure she’s even decided yet. I wonder if she isn’t making him work for it. Jay, don’t be Robin Thicke.