Blake Lively showed up at the BAFTA Gala for Will & Kate on Saturday night. It’s a step in the right direction. You know, for that Gossip Wish I keep rubbing my Gossip Genie about: Blake Lively for Hot Harry on a Horse one day. At least an introduction? On paper, physically, Blake has Harry’s preferences. Blonde, a little too tanned, and leggy.

She is slightly orange here, non? It’s not terrible. It’s not the worst ever. But I think it also makes her look older. Or it could be her dress. I don’t love this dress. Which... it must be Marchesa. Is it? I haven’t googled. But here’s why I think it might be – it’s because Marchesa doesn’t know when and where to stop. My problem with this dress is that it’s way too tricked out at the top. Look at that. There’s so much of it, and it’s so thick, and she’s so young and fresh, I just don’t think she needs so much extra. The embroidery around the hem is exquisite, and around the sleeves too. It’s enough. But is it? Well, no. Never enough at Marchesa. Restraint doesn’t exist at Marchesa.

Besides, you know why I’m not jizzy about this dress the way some people are? Because we saw it in mint green at the Oscars on Jennifer Lopez back in the Bennifer Era, remember? It was vintage Valentino. A lot more refined, subdued, without the craziness all over the cheset, and, in my mind, far superior.

But looking for these photos gave me a taste for the Gossip Nostalgia. Check out Ben’s face in some of these photos. He can hardly breathe!

So now Blake, his one-time co-star and, errrm, friend, is wearing a gown very similar to that of his one-time fiancée, on a night where they happened to both end up at the same event... with his wife! No wonder he didn’t show. More on this later.

And what of Blake’s current boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio? He was in Capri this weekend for Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding. Took his mother as his date which, to me, is as much of a sign as anything else that he and Blake are still On.

Photos from and and Kevin Winter/