Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Radar, never a reliable outlet in my opinion, reported exclusively yesterday that Taylor Swift had sex with Jake Gyllenhaal for the first time. And then a few weeks later, he bailed on her 21st birthday party. 



Before Jake Gyllenhaal, there was John Mayer. And Taylor and John were checking each other for months. You think John Mayer would have left that situation without getting something out of it? I don’t. I believe Jakey and Swifty had sex, for sure. But I don’t believe Jakey stole Swifty’s flower, just her heart.

As for the cut and run on her birthday – yes, we know this already. He took her home to his family on Thanksgiving, gave her all the signs that he was in it, and then deflated on her callously because he couldn’t deal. This really isn’t a unique experience, for celebrities or civilians. It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me, it’s happened to anyone dating John Mayer and it happened to Mrs Timberlake. Only she stuck around and waited until he decided he wanted to be ready, after Olivia Munn.

Attached – Taylor leaving a dance class yesterday. With her new haircut do you think she looks like Karlie Kloss?