It’s not like Anne Hathaway hasn’t been criticised for what happened at the Oscars. She has. You have. Hathaway however will emerge from the sh-t kicking relatively unscathed. She tried, she wasn’t very good, but no one is holding it against her.

You know why?

Because she was stuck with an ungrateful prick who couldn’t be bothered. It’s Franco who is eating most of the blame – for his lack of interest, for his disrespect, for his cowardice…? Franco took off almost immediately after the show wrapped, didn’t even bother showing up for his own afterparty. On Twitter he claims he had to head back to class.


If he’d been a success would he have headed back to class?

You know, she showed her face. She made the rounds. She didn’t run from it. He’s running from it. That’s weak. On top of all of his disappointments, he’s now revealed that he’s weak. How will you defend that?
Through the week leading up the Oscars, I was out on the circuit, speaking with industry players, catching up on gossip, getting a feel for what’s coming up, who’s working on what.

Four days ago, many people in Hollywood believed that there were only two versatile, exciting actors in Hollywood in their 30s. Just two who can manage it all – action, drama, indie, studio, comedy, romance, all of it. Those two names are Ryan Reynolds and James Franco. Wait. Those two names WERE Ryan Reynolds and James Franco.

It’s not just that people who work in the business were unimpressed, it’s that the public hates him now. And that’s the memory they’ll have of him for a long, long time. I wish I could stay and follow up on those conversations this week, gauge if that Two Actor statement still stands. Not that I think what happened on Sunday buried Franco or anything, of course not. But it was a setback for sure. For a guy who’s been on a long, long winning streak, this has to be seen as a major miscalculation. Will it kill his projects in the short term? Probably not. But he might be hard to market for a while. You might think that he’s not interested in being marketed but consider the social networking and all this side action he’s been taking lately…

You didn’t actually believe he joined Twitter just to join Twitter, did you? I’m telling you. There’s a cash money component to that situation. You just have to wait around for it to materialise.

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