Have finally cleared inbox and touched base with back home… new information flying in non stop about the Chicken Fried Sibling Pregnancy.

Did Jamie Lynn get pregnant on purpose?

According to sources, Casey had tried breaking up with her but she kept begging him back. She was allegedly so desperate to keep him – and also, like her sister, so genetically stupid – she stopped taking her pill. Rumour has it his family is pissed. And to corner him into the situation, she supposedly went public with the pregnancy.

Adding to the mix is this website – not confirmed to be legit – claiming from Casey himself that it’s over with Jamie Lynn. The site is probably a hoax but behind the scenes, things are indeed tense. Jamie Lynn apparently keeps insisting that she and Casey are staying together while he is rumoured to be trying to get the hell out.

Chicken Fried pregnancies are never without drama, see?

Photo from splash