After a week over in the UK and Paris, the Timberlakes are now back in New York as JT prepares to promote The 20/20 Experience at home leading up to the album’s March 19 release date. Here they are walking around Soho today and, as you can see, Mrs Timberlake has pulled back her fringe. Does this mean she’s growing that sh-t out? Again, she looks way better in street clothes than she does on a carpet, non? Cute booties.

In other JT news, he confirmed recently that he collaborated with Marcus Mumford on the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack, the upcoming Coen Brothers movie starring my #1, Oscar Isaac. Several of you have emailed about his chances to win Oscar. Sure. In the MUSIC category, why not?

And a quote you might enjoy. When asked about the length of some of the tracks on The 20/20 Experience, and how they might be too long for radio, here was JT’s response:

"When we were making the record, I said, 'If Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin can do 10-minute songs and Queen can do 10-minute songs then why can't we? We'll figure out the radio edits later."

Did Justin Timberlake just compare himself to Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, and Queen? How do you feel about this?