John Mayer was not with Katy Perry last week for the BRIT Awards and Milan Fashion Week. She was booed there because she was apparently late arriving to one of the shows, although some say she was told to be there at the time she was there and shouldn’t be blamed for the miscommunication. Then she went to a Miley Cyrus show and they kissed.

Was that before or after she broke up with John? Because E! News is reporting that Katy broke up with John very recently. No reason was given. But here he is in New York yesterday.

Weren’t we just talking last week about whether or not they were engaged? And now it’s over again? Is it because she wants to be engaged? Is it because he doesn’t? Why am I automatically going with engagement as a possible explanation? Well because I have a hard time believing Katy Perry figured it out. I have a hard time believing that Katy Perry, who once told BILLBOARD that she thinks John Mayer is a “genius”, sees what John Mayer actually is.