Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton confirmed they were divorcing yesterday. Then, shortly after, they confirmed that they were already divorced. Since there was a prenup in place, the paperwork was relatively easy. She’s been moving her sh-t out of their Oklahoma home and will live in Nashville. PEOPLE  was quick to report that Blake was not unfaithful, especially after all the tabloid reports about him stepping out on her. And now TMZ is reporting that Miranda was actually the cheater in this situation. Supposedly Blake was suspicious about her relationship with country singer Chris Young. And there was another guy, who’s not a country singer, who he found out about two weeks ago, prompting him to file for divorce.

If that’s the case, Miranda is f-cked on so many levels. Because on top of the personal disappointment, this could seriously affect her professional standing. You can cheat on your wife and be forgiven in the country format. But if you cheat on your husband in that format? And your husband has crossed over? Country is Blake Shelton’s base but he also made it mainstream. The Voice took him to the next level. He’s beloved. The MiniVan Majority loves him. Miranda? Not quite there yet. Country is still where she exists. And if they start believing that she was messing around behind his back, they might not be all that forgiving. Even worse, they might start talking.

Out of respect for Blake and their marriage, a lot of people cut her a lot of slack. Now that a clear side has been presented to them, you’ll see those loyalties shifting. And you’ll hear those stories coming out. Watch this space.