Rihanna’s been quiet since the BRIT Awards last week. Which is good. Because the tour starts in 10 days. And they had to build in an extra two weeks for her to be able to have enough time to rehearse. Presumably, then, that’s what she’s doing. But while we haven’t seen her, we are kinda hearing from her. On social media, obviously.

Coulda been a mistake. Like her finger hovered on the screen and then someone bumped into her, causing her long nail to tap the like button and when she realised what she’d done she quickly unliked it. Or. OR…

It’s the best/worst gossip dilemma. Best because Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t. But worst because I love them both. What’s my side? What’s your side?!? And what’s going to happen when/if the Beygency finds out about this?

Both Rihanna and Beyoncé have new albums in 2016. Both are touring around the same time. There’s more than enough to go around for everyone except when you’re famous. When you’re famous you want it all. Is that what this is about?

Beyoncé and Jay Z were at the basketball game the other night looking very close. She had her arm around him at one point although she wasn’t sitting on her usual side (to his right) and that probably doesn’t mean anything – it’s just that she’s made it so that everything means something so it’s hard not to go overboard on all the things and what they could possibly be signalling. Like when is the album coming out, B? We are over the Oscars now. You can take over now. She could have probably taken over on Sunday if the Oscar ratings are any indication. I wish it went down that way. One day. And she could, you know. She could totally prove her power by cockblocking a major event like the Oscars. It’s not like she didn’t do it at the Super Bowl. I barely remember who won.