Oh that’s what they’re saying. That Selena Gomez and her friends are calling Justin Bieber a douchebag in their new dance video for Everybody Knows (your boyfriend is a douchebag). It’s very possible. Because as I’ve said before, for this generation, every move means something -- on YouTube, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook. They know exactly what they’re doing. But it’s not the best part of this story.

Selena and her girls post videos of themselves messing around in the studio all the time. A few months ago, Sasha, Dean, and I emailed each other back and forth for an hour after watching them groove to Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, lamely wishing we had the rhythm and the choreography and the rehearsal time to do the same. “We need to start our own dance crew” was basically the point. We pretend-promised to devote at least two nights a week to the routines. If you can’t take it seriously, you are not invited, ok? This, really, is meant for Duana, because we’re not sure if she would take it seriously since it’s dance only and no singing.

Are we losers? Yes. Of course. But look at them. Doesn’t it look FUN? And doesn’t it look GOOD? And isn’t it way better a form of exercise than working out at the gym? 

This is what I wish for Taylor Swift. Does she do this, Taylor Swift? When she exits a breakup, do her girls rally around her and lipsynch to bad pop?

Attached -- Selena and friends arriving at the dance studio the day they put together the video, and the day before in a really sh-tty outfit for a children’s benefit.