Jessica Hart, a model, was not on the runway last night in London at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show where Taylor Swift performed. Both Jessica and Taylor were part of the show last year but when asked about Taylor’s involvement, Jessica told VOGUE Australia that:

“God bless her heart. I think she’s great. But I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit. I don’t know if I should say that.”

Though Hart still has a contract with Victoria’s Secret, she was missing from the 2014 lineup…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

The New York Daily News reports that Taylor had her cut from the event because she’s a mean girl grudge keeper. According to their source:

“It’s not been announced that Jessica is not walking, but it was a direct request from Taylor that this be the case if she were to go,” one well-placed Victoria’s Secret insider tells Confidenti@l. “No one can know that Taylor requested Ms. Hart not be in the show. They want to keep that under wraps, but that’s the facts.”

I’m curious about this source who refers to Jessica as “Ms Hart” in one breath and talks like “that’s the facts” in the next. You can figure out a lot about a person by the way they speak. And that right there is what they call a “tell”. Doesn’t exactly help with staying anonymous.

Victoria’s Secret is denying the rumour. No surprise. Jessica Hart’s people are denying it too. And some suggest that Jessica missed the show not because of Taylor’s pettiness but because of an injury. She had coffee spilled on her in October and it resulted in some really nasty scarring around her ankle. I’ve attached some shots below. They look pretty bad. 

So do you believe Taylor Swift would freeze out a model for not falling at her feet and praising her? I do, of course I do. Do I believe this is what happened?


Taylor is tight with a lot of models on the Victoria’s Secret circuit. Her best friend is Karlie Kloss. She hangs out with Lily Aldridge. And many others. If Taylor did push out Jessica Hart, would she have done it with the blessing of the other women? Because if they found out she did it behind their backs, how would that go over? Would they be mad at her? Would she be worried that they’d be mad at her? Or would they be too scared to be mad at her? Does Taylor really have that much power?

If she did have their blessing, what does that say about how the others feel about Jessica Hart?

Or…is freezing out Jessica Hart not a Taylor Swift play?

Taylor has a #1 album around the world. She is IT in music right now. The better play might have been to have Jessica Hart there and ask her how she likes them apples.

Gossip buffet. What’s your entrée?