Everyone’s all about how Taylor Swift put on an English accent during her Grammy opening performance of We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together last night. Really?

I’ve watched it 5 times in a row, I cannot hear an accent. What’s wrong with me?

The English accent of course, if it actually happened, would have been directed at Harry Styles, which, I mean, obviously, she totally would…and I am TRYING SO HARD to get my ears to confirm this but they won’t. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Start at 2:10

Here’s another Taylor Swift Grammys debate:

I liked Taylor so much last night, the most I’ve liked her in a long, long time. I liked that every time they cut to her she knew the words of the song. I liked that she was having a good time with her friend. I liked that she was fangirling other musicians. I liked that her good time didn’t have to be about a boy…

Duana on the other hand wasn’t feeling it at all. She thought she was trying too hard. She described it as “auditioning”. She suggested it was overcompensation for not having a boy which means it’s still about a boy. She wanted Taylor to act her age.

This made me question my own maturity because I would have acted like that at Taylor’s age AND at my own age now.

Weird. Because I’m normally the unforgiving c-nt and Duana’s the nice(ish) one.

You decide.

PS. What’s up with the white obsession?