As I mentioned often over the last few months, Victoria Beckham kept a surprisingly low profile this summer, often unseen for weeks at a time.

Some gossips are now suggesting that the reason behind her uncharacteristic absence from the spotlight had nothing to do with family obligations and working on her own line, but everything to do with recovery from rhinoplasty.

New plastics for Posh?

We’ve watched her ski-jump nose with affection for years. There are those who claim however that Victoria has always hated her snout the same way she hates the rest of herself which probably accounts for not eating, for her concrete tits, and even for the no smiles.

UK Posh watchers therefore claim that Victoria’s much-hyped new short haircut last week at the Marc Jacobs show wasn’t the only recent Posh modification. They say her famous “upturn” is slightly less so. And that the tip has been slightly narrowed as well, seems less pudgy around there. If true, the work is very subtle. Only the best for Mrs Beckham, non?

Am attaching before and after shots for your examining pleasure. I know you love this sh-t. So you tell me…

Did she or didn’t she?

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