This is Diddy in a new ad for his new fragrance I Am King that will be plastered in Times Square.

I Am King?

No! You Are Douche. You Are SUCK.

Oh, and it gets worse. Much worse.

When describing the ad, Diddy offered these enlightening words:

"When you see Barack Obama, you see a strong, elegant black man and when people see my ad, it's almost like that's the trend.”

Diddy = Barack Obama?

Sit the f-ck DOWN B List!

Barack Obama wouldn’t tell people not to make eye contact. Barack Obama wouldn’t tell hotel staff to kowtow in his presence and be honoured to breathe his air. Barack Obama wouldn’t make a 100 people wait during what was promised to be a live interactive interview and cancel at the last minute for no reason.

But Diddy would. And Diddy did.

And who are the f-cking idiots spending money on this sh-t?


Thanks Sherry!