Not content to let Kate Hudson hold the Manslinger title, Cameron Diaz appears to be throwing down some game of her own.

At least if you believe the NY Daily News.

And her current paramour? None other than P Diddy Sean Combs. Apparently the two have hooked up several times since March including the other night at the Prince show.

But are they really gettin" it on or just smoking a lot of weed together?

Diddy was supposedly reunited with his baby mother Kim Porter in April when he took her to the Beckham party.

Then again, Diddy is totally a social f-cker and Cam is a score.

For her part though dating Diddy is a downgrade. No matter how much money he has, he"s been slowly slipping off the A List, probably because he keeps changing names. It"s terrible feng shui when you can"t decide on an identity. As for how low he"s been riding - just ask gossips in the Riviera. The only people he can get to his once legendary parties are Eurotrash.