And in Tara Reid’s case, much lower than B.

Much has been made of late about Diddy’s diminishing clout – that he could barely attract any attention in the south of France next to the likes of Bono and Pene Cruz. That the superstars are now avoiding his parties, parties attended only by American socialites with nothing better to do. They say Diddy is done.

Judging by these photos taken at VIP Room in St Tropez … I wouldn’t disagree. Performing for Eurotrash and Roberto Cavalli? With only Tara Reid and her ghetto tits on the periphery?

So. Weak.

But that photo of him kills me. Diddy basking in Eurotrash adulation… love, love, love.

As for Tara – as usual she was drunk off her tree. Could barely string together a sentence, trying to “help” at the DJ booth. Call me Cruise but I have to say though, by her low standards, she actually doesn’t look half bad. Then again, I can’t see her skinny cellulite flying in the wind… makes a huge difference.