If you only do one thing today, make it this.

I wrote yesterday about Diddy’s ridiculous new ad for his ridiculous new men’s fragrance I Am Fail. Turns out he directed a movie that accompanies the poster as part of the campaign which is so appalling and yet so amazing it’s like Airplane: every time you watch it, there’s something else to laugh at. Only Airplane was intentionally funny. Diddy is trying to be intentionally the hot sh-t ….

By posing for 5 minutes in slow motion.

I’m serious.

Cheese poses at the beach, on a helicopter, on a motorbike, cheese Bond at the poker table, only his poker face makes it look like he wants to pee, not mention it’s the worst piece of filmmaking since…since Twilight. Like the poor ass production value, shoddy camera work, terrible editing – I could have done a better job…on MY CELL PHONE!!! And to add insult to injury he dedicates this sh-t to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King Jr!

I have officially lost all respect for Bar Rafaeli.

And a “brief in the impossible”? What is that? Like invisible underwear?

UGH. This man is SO ignorant. How does ignorance become so successful? Why do people BUY ignorance? Depressing.

Thanks Natasha P!

Diddy movie I Am Fail