This is why the Globes are by far the most fun to watch. Because of the cutaways. Because of what happens right before they go to commercial. When these motherf-ckers get up and start mixing tables. Like when Diddy stood behind Marky Mark, practically panting, waiting for Marky to turn around and acknowledge him.

Marky Mark is a mogul now. Marky Mark somehow is a major producer. And his film, which he pushed all the way, with his own cash money, is very, very good. Also his wife was stunning last night. So of course Diddy wants to suck on some of that. Marky I mean. Not the wife.

It made me my life to see Diddy asking to suck it.

I hope you saw it. It was a thing of beauty.

Then Zac Efron had to sit next to him. I want to kiss the Seating Plan Bitch.

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