Please tell me you’ve seen Y Tu Mama Tambien. If not, you’re missing out. SEE IT! I savoured every minute. Every homoerotic minute. And that part when they beat off together by the pool? Love, love, love. For me though, even though Gael Garcia Bernal has always had more attention, for me it’s always been Diego. First of all, I liked Tenoch better (his character in the movie). And then there’s his name: Diego Luna. Diego Luna. Say it a few times, grunt it a few times…draw it out…Deeee-eh-gooooo. Diego darling, please come here. Diego, Diego…more more Diego… It’s hot, non? Besides, I saw Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. Yes… I enjoyed Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. And don’t lie. You did too. Even though he’s not very tall. But I try to forget about that. What I try to remember is the final climax of Y Tu Mama Tambien. Nothin’ better than two dudes making out. Check it out. It’s more than a slight quiver, I promise. Just as satisfying as Heath and Jake in that tent. Source