How to Make a Career out of Pimping Your Kid – Dina Lohan’s life story. Not content to mother a cokehead (Lindsay) and an aspiring one (Ali), at this rate anyway, not satisfied with not having to work or to worry about money, likely not paying attention to any of the other children, Dina Lohan scored a job with Entertainment Tonight, acting as their exclusive reporter at the Georgia Rule red carpet in New York City last night. Needless to say, the model mother ate up the attention and of course asked the tough questions, completely avoiding the fluffy ones – like why her daughter needs a bump every five minutes and has f&cked half of Hollywood.

Anyway, here’s Lilo, begging for attention and posing for pappies with a bare midriff the other day, and again at the premiere – complaining first about privacy intrusion, then inviting press to photograph her body…bitch needs to make up her drugged up mind.

Oh and by the way, I hear Jane Fonda can’t stand the Dirty Face (actually looking not so dirty, kinda  pretty last night) – but look at her! More fierce than ever after all these years!