Oh the Lohans…

What would we do without the Lohans?

Thanks to Matthew L for sending me a link to Dina Lohan’s Twitter – it’s my favourite thing about today. She’s like John Mayer. Except her grammar is for sh-t. And she can’t function within 140 characters. So her sentences get cut off. And she starts over. And she rants incessantly about Lindsay Lohan. Because it’s the only way she can stay relevant. And it’s the most amazing amazingness ever in the history of amazingness.

Especially the excessive use of YOUR when it should be YOU’RE.

Well no wonder her daughter is a degenerate.

My favourite entry so far:

if your a studio boss and all you hear is LIES AND DECEIT about lindsay from the negative desperate media and blogs you wouldn't want to risk hiring my daughter well the point is he is DECEIVED by the media lindsay is FINE not to mention one of the greatest actresses of her ge…

She meant to finish with “generation” but Twitter wouldn’t let her. Twitter wouldn’t let her lie. Do you love it so much???

Sigh. Am happy now. It’s like I just ate fried rice.

Click here to eat fried rice with Dina Lohan.


File photo from Wenn.com