Dina Lohan is lecturing another mother on being a poor parent.

Dina Lohan!!!

So remember Lilo was dating that punk called Riley? And they broke up and he sold his story to a British tabloid telling the News of the World that Lindsay is a sex freak and loves to f&ck?

Well Dina apparently thought this was low classy and called up Riley’s mother to give her a piece of her mind. According to Us Weekly “Dina insulted her parenting.”


Let’s recap Dina Lohan’s 2007, shall we?

Lindsay Lohan went to rehab THREE times. Dina Lohan invited cameras along with her to visit her daughter in rehab at Wonderland. Dina Lohan sat back and watched as her daughter attended beach party after beach party with alcohol free flowing in Malibu after getting out of Promises. Then she repeatedly went to the press, issuing statement after statement while Lindsay was at Le Cirque, all while negotiating a reality tv show to further pimp out her other two kids in the hopes they might someday suffer the same fate.

And finally… two photos for your consideration: Lilo passed out at the height of her drug addiction and Lilo just two nights ago straight up mauling some dude in Italy in a club full of revelers.

And Dina Lohan is criticising someone else’s mother???

Bitch… please!