Matt Lauer tried his best. But The Today Show is too dignified a program for someone like Dina Lohan. He pressed, she lied, and she deflected - the judge is to blame, the judge got fired, the paps suck, the tabloids are wrong, the judge, the judge, the judge. The judge right now should be calling up The Today Show for a rebuttal. DO IT MARSHA!

Lauer had no chance. But unless he was willing - and it would have been inappropriate on that platform - to get right in there in the dirt with her, the only other option is to feebly navigate her Denial. And the lies. Straight up lies.

I shouldn't watch tv like this. Because it just results in shouting at it, wishing I could have been the producer in his ear giving him the FACTs.

That's what gossips are good for. Hosts like Matt can speak to congressional activities and updates on the financial crisis but we gossips, we know the chronology of the Lohan f-ckery.

She was only in rehab twice?

Please. She was, as Lauer asserted through his notes, in rehab 4 times. Unfortunately his research wasn't comprehensive enough. And so if it had been me in the control room, or any of my etalk producers, I would have told him to list them off:

Lindsay was at Wonderland, Promises, Cirque Lodge, and now UCLA - yes, count it, four times for treatment.

And Lindsay did not move to LA when she was 19. She was living at Chateau Marmont when she was 16, dating Wilmer Valderrama. I suppose however that had he been able to challenge her on her bulsh-t she still would have come up with a way to introduce The Judge back into the conversation. Or to insist that the blogs and the photographers and the "propaganda" are somehow to blame. Any excuse, anything other than taking accountability, that’s Dina’s card.

Many other sites are obviously already pointing out the flaws in Dina’s Denial. With the exception of, no surprise. Not even an attempt at presenting the documented proof that this whoring bitch ass who calls herself a mother is pathological liar. It’s important you see to make sure they get the out of rehab exclusive. Sometimes blogs can be useful see?

I really do however love the part where she talks about being an “entertainer” in her youth. As I always say, violence is indeed wrong. But try and get through this without making a kill.

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