No sh*t.

But then again, why is this surprising? After all, it is Dina Lohan. Dina Lohan who has officially surpassed Joe Simpson in parental pimpage, hellbent on pushing all of her children into child stardom and, in the process, sending her youngest Ali on the same path as her sister Lindsay.


Dina and Ali showed up last night at some event and yapped about their reality show, confirming that indeed Ali is the star of the project:

“Lindsay has her own career. (This show is) about Ali.

Ali of course is all over it, recently telling Teen Vogue:

“I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does… I want it so bad. So bad you don’t even know."

How frightening does that sound? How frightening is it when you can taste the desperation, smell the hunger, and touch her lust for fame? At 14. At 14 and already burning with desire to be watched and photographed and publicly devoured.

It’s almost criminal. To nurture in your child an aching need for notoriety instead of encouraging an appetite for learning… it’s criminal.

If you ask Dina though, she’ll tell you there’s “no choice”:

“… we have no choice. Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who Ali is as a person, it’s better.”

Why do WE need to know Ali at all? Why can’t Ali live in obscurity?

Because Dina can’t live in obscurity.

She will say it till she’s purple from being too orange, she will say that it’s what “they want”. That as a mother, she’s just helping her children fulfill their dreams. Bull f&cking sh*t. She told them what their dreams would be way back. She told them what they should want. Eventually what mommy wanted and what baby wanted just became one line.

Welcome Ali Lohan. She’s only 14 but it’s game on. Game On. So don’t bother complaining to me about tearing down a child. If you need someone to complain to, complain to her mother.