Access Hollywood and The Insider have become Dina Lohan’s personal publicists. Every day it seems she’s releasing a statement, telling off Jay Leno, telling off Rob Schneider, furthering her own agenda, instead of actually doing what she should be doing: mothering her children… properly. This time she’s decided to take on Donald Trump after he offered Lindsay a job on his new Celebrity Apprentice and told her to find a new set of parents. Snort.

In response, Dina spent a few hours drafting the following – my favourite part highlighted below:
"Donald, I"m really disappointed in the statement that was brought to my attention from The New York Post. I"ve always had a great admiration for your business sense and I"ve read all your books and learned from them! Your own brother died of alcoholism and you own Trump Vodka? You say Lindsay needs new parents? Such a rash statement without backing it with fact? I am a single mother of four children doing what I can during this difficult time! Do a background check of both parents and you will find the truth! Shame on you... so many families suffer from this, yours included. We need solutions not opinions! - Dina and family"

Now all of a sudden Dina Lohan is the postergirl for single mothers?

Bitch… please!

It’s convenient now, non? That addiction and alcoholism have conveniently become the culprits behind the fall of Lilo. That Dina Lohan has opportunistically latched on to a disease, from which millions and millions suffer, as an excuse for her own ineptitude as a parent.

Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly get any lower…



Only Dina Lohan.