It’s Dina Lohan’s mantra.

She was in New York yesterday promoting the Shoe-Han. See I don’t have much faith in mankind. Some idiots WILL actually buy this sh-t. After all, there are f-cking losers out there who are also buying Ebola Paris Hilton’s lame sh-t.

People suck.

So ss you’d expect, Dina was asked at the event about Michael Lohan’s shocking “revelation” that their daughter Lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs. Needless to say, Dina denied it all and also discredited her ex husband claiming that Lilo has been estranged from him for years, that he knows nothing of their lives.

Fair point, I guess, but Lindsay’s first call was to Michael Lohan when her house was broken into a few weeks ago, remember? He then immediately contacted the press. It’s an optional estrangement depending on what he’s saying, you know?

As for how Lilo’s been handling widespread dismissal of her Ungaro collection, typical Dina, in defence of her child, decided to rape the English language:

"The critics can say whatever they want, but Lindsay is a genius."

Genius must mean something else in Long Island.

Naturally, Dina was eager to steer the conversation back in her own corner. After all, it’s always about her. The exploitation, the parent pimp, it’s always been in service of her own desires.

Which is why Dina kept yapping yesterday about how Lindsay will be involved in designing these Shoe-Hans. Of course. Squeeze out every f-cking drop. Squeeze it while your firstborn hurtles towards rock bottom accompanied by a minor.

Remember that old hag Ali Lohan, though you may have forgotten, is only 16. And she’s gallivanting across Europe with her crank ass of a junkie sister. And Dina is too busy selling shoes to care. She didn’t care when Lindsay was the same age living on her own at the Chateau Marmont. Why would she start now?

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