Lindsay Lohan has some kick ass parents. The father is already a convicted felon who served time and found the Lord in prison. And then there’s that mother – her manager pimp, ready to exploit her child at every opportunity, living vicariously through a career she never had.

And now… Dina Lohan is being sued for fraud to the tune of $400K by some dude who let her borrow money to finance Lindsay’s singing career. She subsequently worked on a few tracks with Emilio Estefan before moving on to Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records. Needless to say, Dina did not pay back her loan. She’s lucky she hasn’t had her legs cut off.

As expected, Dina, through her lawyer, is dismissing the claim. In this family, denial is hereditary. How will Lindsay Lohan ever stand up straight and tall with this kind of a bloodsucking leach attached to her family tree?

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