But don’t forget to be tough. He has to be tough.

So TMZ reports that Dina Lohan, who can’t stay off camera, will be on The Today Show tomorrow morning for an interview with Matt Lauer to discuss, obviously, Lindsay’s time in jail and how she’s doing in rehab. Because she’s STILL IN REHAB. But that’s not really the priority is it?

We know about the Lohan f-ckery and famewhoring. It will never die. And it also never gets questioned. No one presses them on anything, no one asks the challenging questions, points out the hypocrisy, the weakness of their stories.

But Matt Lauer totally could. Matt Lauer can be firm. He doesn’t have to live inside the celebrity asshole. He has demonstrated on occasion that he will get uncomfortable if he has to with a movie star. Of course you remember Tom Cruise and the Glib Interview. SO uncomfortable.

If it’s all about letting Dina go on about what a victim Lindsay has been and how wonderfully her child is coping and how much work she has lined up, and how many movies she’s been signed on to, and all those lies then Matt will be useless.

But let him call her out on her declaration that Lilo was clean just a week before she went to jail, push her to answer on Lindsay’s irresponsible trip to Cannes and skipping out on her court date, and Dina’s own incessant need for attention, not to mention that hilarious Carvel incident when the ice cream company straight up publicly trashed her for using her kids’ names for access and special treatment. Click here for a refresher.

Now that would be morning tv gold. Counting on you Matt Lauer.

File photos from Bryan Bedder/Jemal Countess/Gettyimages.com