Who’s older? It’s hard to say.

Dina and Ali Lohan showed up at some fashion show last night in New York looking like two cougar sisters escaped from the small town letting loose in the big city. Ali’s real age, if you can believe it, is actually only 15. She hasn’t looked 15 since she was 8.

Still on the hustle, Dina continues to front like Ali has prospects in show business. But if Lindsay can’t get a job in Hollywood, what are Ali’s chances?

Slim would be optimistic.

As you can see, the fame hunger is still there. Same goes for the spending. Mother Pimp continues to live like a star, and in doing so is obliged to continue selling out her children. She must find Joe Jackson so inspirational. And she LOVES to boast about the fact that she and her daughters share clothes.

Photos from Wenn.com and Gettyimages.com