Leo, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimon Hounsou the Hotness at the Blood Diamond premiere last night. Also Leo in black and white in NY Magazine – thanks Helene for the tip! People are already buzzing about a double nod come Oscar time. My concern is that they’ll cancel each other out, to say nothing of the “boy” thing. Oprah wouldn’t shut up about it, and while he was graceful and polite, I had the sense it was a sore spot she kept picking. “Wow, you’re all grown up now! Wow…when did you become a man???” Yes, Oprah…unlike JT, some Pipsqueaks can actually graduate. Thank Goddess for Djimon – told this great story about how generous Leo is, lends him his house (and his chef!) when he has friends come in from out of country, was selfless enough to step aside during a discussion with Mandela to introduce his co-star… I have to admit, I totally ate that sh-t up. And here’s a great sighting from Jannah last week in NYC: “‘We"re in Soho regrouping at Spring & Greene when this black Mercedes pulls up next to me and struggles to park. I"m being generous when I say struggle - it was embarrassing. 3 people (2 guys and a girl) get out and the driver asks us if he is ok there and I say "Dude, you are 3 feet out from the curb, you"re going to get hit for sure" and he says "you"re right" So then his friend who I hadn"t even noticed said "toss me the keys" and he gets in and does a MUCH better job at straightening out and coming within a foot of the curb.... he gets out and it"s f*cking Leo Dicaprio....... he looked H.O.T. Don"t know who the other two were, the blonde looked suitably bored and annoyed.” He can act, he campaigns for the environment, he’s kind to others, he keeps the famewhore to a minimum… What’s not to love? Source