LOVE Djimon Hounsou. He is a wonderful actor. He was amazing in In America. And he is maddening on the loins.

But Djimon has the George Clooney problem. His taste in women sucks ass. ASS. Therefore it degrades his charm.

As you know, Djimon is seriously involved with Kimora Lee. And Kimora Lee is not one of those bitches whose reputation is bitchier than the person. Kimora Lee is the worst. She is chronically late, she is disrespectful, she is not only not polite to the “small people”, she is also unforgivably mean. And this is how she is on a photo shoot surrounded by people hired to make her look good. Can you imagine when she"s somewhere else???

But Djimon Hounsou is in love with her.

It’s called Sh*t By Association. He has it all over his face. Too bad…

Here’s Djimon yesterday in Beverly Hills meeting with his agent.

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