Katy Perry and John Mayer are...dealing with each other.

So far there have been a few sightings, all at night time. And one morning after which is just an extension of the evening anyway. Until they’re seen on an outing together when the sun is out then, I hope that’s all it is, and what it should have just been with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: action, nothing more.

Yesterday, in the day time, Katy was with her friends at Raging Waters. God I love water parks. SO MUCH. And here’s some advice if you’ve never been - though this might offend the prudes, and Duana - be careful about your tampon. It’s almost better if it comes out. Because the alternative...is worse. 

While Katy spent time with her people, John was over at a beach house party in Malibu. Is it too much to hope that the conversation went something like this?

J: Will you come with me to a Malibu party this afternoon?

K: What did we say about hanging out in daylight, sober?