I don’t listen to his music so I don’t miss John Mayer...artistically. But I do miss his gossip. A lot.

We were just talking about this in the Lily Allen article below. About going away. About being sick of yourself, and not being happy about how you’re being portrayed, and actively removing yourself from the conversation. On the list of celebrities who can’t help themselves, John Mayer ranks, or ranked, pretty high. He really couldn’t help himself.

But we haven’t heard from John Mayer in a long, long time. John Mayer voluntarily took a break. He also had some voice problems, sure, but as we’ve all seen, physical ailments or changes don’t necessarily keep some of his peers from waving their balls in our faces, begging us to pay attention.

Even John Mayer got tired of John Mayer.

And even John Mayer needed a break from John Mayer.

When he’s ready to come back though, I would appreciate if he could please find a way to hook up with Scarlett Johansson. To get us through the summer months.

Here’s John in Beverly Hills yesterday, waiting, like all of us, for Jessica Simpson’s baby.