Gwyneth Paltrow was out with her kids yesterday in London wearing short white cut-offs. Niiiice legs.

A few weeks ago, my friend Lo was out shopping for clothes for Cannes. Lo has crazy, crazy amazing legs. So amazing sometimes I think about breaking up with her I'm so jealous with my own stumpy ass ones standing at her side. We were on bbm back and forth about what she should buy. She tried on a pair of black shorts, maybe even a little longer than Gwyneth's and I told her she should pay for them immediately, no hesitation. Then she sent me a photo of her sitting down while wearing them, something to the effect of "I am too old and these don't pass the Sit Test". I disagreed but then again, my threshold for what to wear at what age is much more relaxed than hers.

The Sit Test in shorts and skirts of course is meant to prevent the resulting flesh squeeze that can occur from thigh hitting chair. Also, in instances where shorts coverage at the crotch is less than generous, you run the risk of baring your bits. Or exposing areas you may have neglected to shave. I don't understand why pubic hair has to run halfway down the inside of my thigh.

Does Gwyneth Paltrow have these concerns? Does she Sit Test before buying a pair of shorts? Do any celebrities? If so, I would like to see this. On Goop. Or WhoSay. Or Tumblr. Or however they're over-sharing and selling these days. Watching Rachel Zoe tell Cameron Diaz to Sit Test her clothes, to me, constitutes good tv.