Is this is a legitimate trend now? For women of a certain age? I am approaching that certain age. Is this what’s expected of me?

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker last night in New York at the AMFAR event. Really, really love the dress with the cropped leather jacket. I know the old fashioned types will be like, ugh, ball gowns and leather don’t go! I dunno, some people can pull it off. I think she can pull it off.

But the gloves...

I don’t feel that way about the gloves.

Maybe if Madonna wasn’t working the gloves so often, to cover up her 50+ year old hands, it wouldn’t be so top of mind. But seeing her seeming refusal to appear in public now without gloves makes me wonder whether or not it’s the same situation with SJP.

I guess you can’t fix the hands the way you can fix the face.

Are “mature” hands so abhorrent?

Are they more abhorrent than cheeks that have been overfilled, lips that have been overplumped? What’s with the Hand Shame?

And be honest...

Do you find old lady hands revolting and unsightly?

Because, well, if you do, I guess we can’t blame the Madonnas and the SJPs of the world then, right? You would do the same?