It’s the Ultimate Episode Guide to Cesar’s show indexed according to breed and behavioural problem. Thanks to the Dog Whisperer, my husband now thinks he’s like the Polish Cesar Milan. Even though our dog is still an asshole. His excuse is that Marcus has no respect for me. That I’m simply his Food Bitch. Which is true.

But here they are last week on the trails while I was in Cannes. You will note, Marcus’s friend Kona is adorable and obedient and sits nicely when asked. Our little prick likes to pretend he can’t hear so he can keep sniffing. When he’s told to stay put, he tells you with his eyes that he’s not very happy.

Cesar wouldn’t be very impressed with my beagle. Hopefully he’s much more impressed with your dog.

Three copies of the Dog Whisperer Episode Guide to give away. If you’re interested, please send an email to [email protected] with CESAR as the title. And your puppy pics are always welcome! Entries must be received by Friday. Good luck!